Space Concordia’s Robotics Division was formed as an engineering final project in 2012. The team is composed of 5 main squads: Science, Power, Operations, Communications, and Structural. Over the years, Robotics has focused on different parts of a rover, from the multipurpose arm, to science on board.

Our Mission

The Robotics division's mission consists of three aspects: Project based learning, professional excellence and community outreach.

Our team is dedicated to developing competitive projects within the domain of aerospace robotics. These projects allow our members to learn outside of the classroom and put their already existing knowledge to practice. It is also a place to establish connections within the industry. Many alumni end up in positions within organizations such as the CSA, MDA and silicon valley. Finally, the projects are frequently showcased in outreach events once complete. This is done with the intent of promoting STEM within the outer community.

Current Project

Space Concordia Robotics Division is currently developing a Mars rover that would act as an astronaut assistant for Mars exploration missions.

The rover is design with three attachment modules: A robotic manipulator, a scientific analysis module and an autonomous driving unit.

The team along with the rover, are currently registered to participate in two international competitions in 2019: The URC and the CIRC

Upon closure of the current project iterations and upon sufficient resources, the team would seek to expand and offer other robotic related projects to the student base. For suggestions and proposals, please contact


Team Structure