After receiving an honourable mention at the Spaceport America Cup 2017,
Maurice returned home after placing 3rd place in Canada, and 1st place in Quebec (a first for Space Concordia).

Maurice Poster

Short Summary

In 2017, Space Concordia designed, launched, and recovered Maurice the Rocket: a high powered sounding rocket that flew to over 10,000ft at Spaceport America. This rocket was build buy a team of seven rookies in their first semester of rocketry. Although they were new, they were the first team in Concordia to manufacture their entire fuselage in-house, including a handmade nosecone. They are the only team to use the Automated Fiber Placement machine from Concordia's Center of Composites. Maurice was full of innovation and student design, featuring an aerodynamic boattail, student-built computer system sending back data to our ground station, giving us a live feed. Maurice carried an on-board scientific experiment that studied the effects of flight forces on three simulated fuel tanks containing student-designed anti-sloshing. The baffles help prevent the fuel from moving around in the rocket, a dangerous phenomenon that affects rockets today! Maurice was also the first rocket in the world to fly with a pitot tube that would mechanically retract back into the nosecone, protecting the rocket from damage. Maurice is fully recoverable and reusable!

Maurice now likes to spend his time in the Space Concordia lab on Concordia's downtown campus. Sometimes he travels to elementary schools and conferences, teaching kids and adults alike all about engineering, space, and rocket science.