• Scott Gleason, as assistant professor in Concordia gathered a small team of engineering students to participate in CSDC1 with Consat-1.
Credit: CSDCMS


  • Space Concordia wins 1st place at CSDC1.
  • Transformed into a multi-competition and multi-project society
    • Creation of Ground Segment
    • Creation of Rocketry Division
    • Creation of Robotics Division
    • Creation of Governing Council
  • Participation in CSDC2 with Consat-2

Credit: CSDCMS


  • Kickstarter Campaign resulted in the new name for Consat-2: Aleksandr.
  • Space Concordia relocates to H1029-7.
Credit: Globe and Mail


  • Space Concordia - Satellite Division wins 2nd place at CSDC2.
  • Participation in CSDC3
  • Participation in IREC 2015 with Arcturus
  • Concordia TEDx Presentation
Credit: CSDCMS


  • Space Concordia - Rocketry Division wins 2nd place for payload category in IREC 2015
  • Release of MASS: An open-source mechanical design for 3U CubeSats
  • Creation of Special Projects Division
    • High Altitude Balloon Project
    • Bio-Payload Project
    • Plasma Propulsion Project
  • Participation at Caltech Challenge. A SC Member's team was awarded as winner
  • Space Concordia welcomes their new faculty advisor: Dr. Krzysztof (Chris) Skonieczny
  • Presentation at IAC 2015
  • Space Concordia - Satellite Division starts a new project: SDR and Signal Processing
  • Participation in IREC 2016 with Aurelius


  • Space Concordia - Satellite Division wins 1st place in CSDC3
  • Space Concordia - Rocketry Division wins 2nd place overall in IREC 2016
  • Space Concordia - Special Projects Division launches Icarus-1 HAB and Icarus-2 HAB
  • Space Concordia adopts a new logo
  • Presentation at CSCA SmallSat Symposium
Credit: Mario Voyer

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