Space Concordia is an award-winning, multidisciplinary student society of over 200 students from various fields of study working in different subdivisions such as Spacecraft, Ground Station, Rocketry and Robotics. The society’s mission is twofold:

Space Concordia makes a continuous effort to be more than just your average student society with a typical competition-based structure; we aim to be similar to a space agency where we show our expertise not only through the projects we develop, but also through the actions we do on a larger scale to benefit society as a whole.

Educational Outreach

Space Concordia is dedicated not only to building projects, but also to introducing the public to space. We love to share our knowledge and experience to different spheres of society. We present to multiple areas, from the local elementary school to the IAC international congress.

The Space field already has a widely appreciated appeal, and is generally respected by the public. What Space Concordia attempts to show is the fact that not only is Space interesting, but that it is also very accessible, may it be through a career or simply a hobby. Space Concordia aims to inspire people to go the extra step and explore the many possibilities of today’s technology and wonder about the unknowns of space.

Through their numerous outreach activities, the team wishes to not only provide their audience with general knowledge of space, but also with the intent to pursue those interests in a concrete manner. This is especially the case for their younger audience.



  • Scott Gleason, as assistant professor in Concordia gathered a small team of engineering students to participate in CSDC1 with Consat-1.
Credit: CSDCMS


  • Space Concordia wins 1st place at CSDC1.
  • Transformed into a multi-competition and multi-project society
    • Creation of Ground Segment
    • Creation of Rocketry Division
    • Creation of Robotics Division
    • Creation of Governing Council
  • Participation in CSDC2 with Consat-2

Credit: CSDCMS


  • Kickstarter Campaign resulted in the new name for Consat-2: Aleksandr.
  • Space Concordia relocates to H1029-7.
Credit: Globe and Mail


  • Space Concordia - Satellite Division wins 2nd place at CSDC2.
  • Participation in CSDC3
  • Participation in IREC 2015 with Arcturus
  • Concordia TEDx Presentation
Credit: CSDCMS


  • Space Concordia - Rocketry Division wins 2nd place for payload category in IREC 2015
  • Release of MASS: An open-source mechanical design for 3U CubeSats
  • Creation of Special Projects Division
    • High Altitude Balloon Project
    • Bio-Payload Project
    • Plasma Propulsion Project
  • Participation at Caltech Challenge. A SC Member's team was awarded as winner
  • Space Concordia welcomes their new faculty advisor: Dr. Krzysztof (Chris) Skonieczny
  • Presentation at IAC 2015
  • Space Concordia - Satellite Division starts a new project: SDR and Signal Processing
  • Participation in IREC 2016 with Aurelius


  • Space Concordia - Satellite Division wins 1st place in CSDC3
  • Space Concordia - Rocketry Division wins 2nd place overall in IREC 2016
  • Space Concordia - Special Projects Division launches Icarus-1 HAB and Icarus-2 HAB
  • Space Concordia adopts a new logo
  • Presentation at CSCA SmallSat Symposium
Credit: Mario Voyer

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